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You may laugh at the thought of a page-long article about how to play Slot machines. You just put your money in and pull the lever, right? Well, though that is definitely part of it, you might be surprised at how many little things there are that you should know before you start putting your hard-earned money into a machine.

Choose a Slot machine:
This may sound simple, but its not. There are a ton of different Slot machine variations - single line, multi-line, three-reel, five-reel, bonus Slot, Video Slot, Progressive Slot - the possibilities are numerous. The best thing to do though is look at your bankroll and see how much you have, and choose a machine based on price. If you have R200 to spend, then obviously you can go with a R1 machine and still get plenty of spins. But if you have only R50, you may want to play some 25c machines to get the maximum effect. Once you have decided on a price range, then you can choose from the different themes available.

Choose your Denomination:
Again, this may seem overly simple, but beware! If there is a Progressive Jackpot involved and you play the minimum amount of coins, you will find yourself crying, because in order to win the largest payout, you must play the max amount of coins. So let's say you are playing at a R1 machine, but you have the option of playing R2. If you want to win the bigger payout, always play R2. Of course, this means you will run out of money twice as fast, so if you are on budget or want to stretch your money, you can play the single coin. Just be aware that your payout should you hit on a winning combination will be much smaller than if you played the max amount.

This is the fun part, as you watch the reels go round and round and see if you have won. Some online casinos have a new Auto Spin feature which allows you to set up a Slot machine to automatically spin a certain amount of times with a set amount of coins that you program it for. It is a very easy function to use and allows you to play and win at Slots while trying your hand at another game at the same time.

Have Fun:
This is key to not just Slots, but any game. You must make sure that you do not play for profit, as the Random Number Generators at online casinos make it very hard to consistently profit from playing Slot machines. Play for fun and with an amount of money you can spare, so that if you walk away empty-handed, you won't be late on the rent or car payment. And, if you leave the table with something, you will be pleasantly surprised


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