Gambling is the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning a payment or a chance of winning a prize. Wagering and betting.

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Newbies Guide to Online Gambling
Gambling  casinos, known also as internet or web casinos, are online versions of traditional land based casinos. Online casinos enable Gambling players to play and wager on casino games through the Internet using Dial Up, ADSL or Broadband and WebTV. This Beginner's Guide to online casinos will give you the definitions and types of online casinos courtesy of

Most Online Gambling Casinos purchase or lease their casino software from casino software vendors such as Playtech, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming and Crytoplogic. This is done as the reputation of the software providers far exceed any attempt to develop your own software.

The requirements to play at an
Online Gambling  casino are fairly simple these days. You need a basic personal computer, Pentium 1 at least. A decent internet connection, these include a Dial Up Account, ISDN and or Broadband/Cable.

Types of Online Casinos

There are two main types of casinos to play on. The first is the Web Based Casino or Flash Casino as it is commonly referred to. You dont need to download the casino software and it can be played from your browser. You will however require Macromedia Flash 9 Plug-ins (at least) to enable this feature. Most of the games are inclusive and its fast, quick and easy. This type of casino play requires a lot more bandwidth as it is graphics intensive.

The second type of casino is the Download Casino. We tend to recommends this type of play a lot more. Downloadable online casinos require you to the download the software client and install on your computer in order to play and wager. The casino software connects to a server that then runs the game play without any browser help. You are basically playing off a 32 bit program. Depending on your internet connection type, there is a delay in the time it takes to download the casino client.

Often, it is said that "never putting good money after bad money" is the best way to keep gambling a pleasure and stay away from gambling problems. That is, money wagered with a negative outcome are lost, it is time to stop and just accept the loss, instead of keep betting and losing even more, however it must be said that online casinos like African Palace Casino have better than Vegas odds which means the payout ratio is higher.

Gambling may also refer to engaging in any high-risk behaviour in which decisions are made based upon incomplete knowledge. (For example, high-risk stock investments, difficult and potentially costly ventures, or even personal relationships.)

Gambling in general refers to placing a bet on an event or sequence of variables. typical gambling games are blackjack , roulette , slots. There is even sports betting and horse racing. It is wise to Gamble responsibly. Find Gambling games at one of the gambling sites here.


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Disclaimer: This is an Online Gambling guide. This Gambling guide discusses gambling games such as baccarat , slots , roulette etc. It also reviews online casinos such as 32 Vegas , African Palace Casino , Indio Casino. Online Gambling is gambling on the internet.